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What is HOZHO?

HOZHO is a wellness philosophy created by the Native American Navajo tribe. They believe that there are a number of principles that guide your behaviour, thoughts and actions. When you live in HOZHO, you are developing pride of your body, mind, soul, spirit and honouring all life. You will be at one with and part of the world around you.

This diagram is the representation of HOZHO and what you need to live in a state of good health, happiness, harmony and beauty. It links

- Harmony and your relationship with others.

- Respect and the importance of self love.

- Spirituality and being centred/ grounded.

(I also did a little happy dance seeing that there was a diagram to go with the concept - I am a massive science geek at heart 🤓).

In Navajo teachings, we are inseparable from our environments and should be at one with both the natural world around us and the universe. Each INZHO product is created with this vision and is one of the main reasons why my products are inspired by spirit animals and use essential oils to help enhance the qualities that the animal represents.

I also am very aware of the imprint that we put on the world and our affect on nature. So it was a no brainer to me that INZHO had to be a eco friendly brand with a large focus on sustainability. I promote this in many ways from not having any unnecessary packaging to offering refill schemes for stockists and providing different ways in which you can reuse your INZHO product jars once they are finished.

I really resinated with the HOZHO concept as aromatherapy encompasses very similar values. For me, I hope that when you burn an INZHO candle, use an INZHO body oil or have an INZHO treatment, you will be taken into a state of wellness and therefore 'in HOZHO'.


Lucy xx



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