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About us

     Hi I am Lucy and I am the creator of INZHO.

I absolutely LOVE candles (If you saw my house, it is a complete give away – I have candles everywhere). But it was not until I started researching about candles that I realised what I thought was a ‘natural’ candle was not necessarily a candle that actually benefited me and the environment around me. I found out that majority of candles are made with paraffin (which is natural) but is known to release carcinogenic molecules into the atmosphere. I also found out that most candles are fragranced with fragrance oils (synthetic versions of essential oils) which again (to me anyways) is not natural. 


As I am a beauty therapist and aromatherapist by trade, I wanted to make a candle that smelt gorgeous but also at the same time, would provide therapeutic benefits not so dissimilar from an aromatherapy treatment. It was at that point that the beginnings of INZHO then started to form. 



Once the candle making part was learnt, I began working in collaboration with a local company to help me find a unique concept that linked in with therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. With lots of research and deep thought, we discovered the HOZHO concept. HOZHO is a complex wellness philosophy from the Navajo (Native American) culture which revolves around balance, harmony and beauty for mind, body and soul for all living things.

Since the beginnings of INZHO, I have also launched body oils, reed diffusers and hanging diffusers. 

I really hope you love our products as much as I do! I am looking forward to helping connect you with your spirit animal to achieve a state of wellness and balance, leaving you “in hozho”.


Lucy xx

Tealight set

“Thank you for my beautiful candle"

— Jennifer

Unicorn candle

“Great products and highly recommended thank you"

— Jo

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