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We have designed a quiz to help you work out your spirit animal and choosing the right range for you.

Now here is the science behind it ...

Our bodies are extremely in tune with what we need and are drawn to things that contain certain elements to ensure balance in our bodies. All INZHO candles are named after a spirit animal and their essential oil components are based on the characteristics of each spirit animal.


It is now time to hone in on you; take our quiz to work out your spirit animal or choose a scent that suits you best and meet your spirit animal to guide you on your journey back to state of balance, beauty and wellness.

There may be a few scents/ spirit animals that equally draw you in, so how do you choose? Well you could be at a stage in life where you may need guidance in a couple of areas such as luck, sleeping, stress etc, so we recommend you have a variety of our scent ranges on hand to help you for when you need it most. But please remember to only use one range at a time, as you don’t want the spirit animals fighting over you.


Over time, your spirit animal may also change as your lifestyle choices change, so we recommend to have a retest to find out which spirit animal is will be the best for your path into the future.

Choosing your INZHO Range

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